You love your Furniture but….

You have a chair which needs a re-looking to match with your home ?

You found a beautiful chair on a flea market which needs to be fixed-up ?

You would like to give a new style to your grand-Pa chair to offer it to your lovely niece ?

The seat is tired, depending on the kind of chair, it’s possible to find longevity and comfort with an Upholstery job, with different density of foams or traditional stuff (springs, burlap, horse hair).

Recovering your chair with a new fabric will give the ambiance you looked for, in your home. I know many stores to find your fabric.

So if you still love your furniture but you can’t use it as it, don’t waste it, I probably can do something to help !



Author: Lounge chez Cel

Traditional Upholstery uses the Old method to give a second chance to your chairs, stop to waste furniture... there are always different ways to repair or redesign, a very old or out of order chair can become yours again with a new stuff or after being reupholstered. FROM OLD TRADITIONAL UPHOLSTERY METHOD TO CONTEMPORARY NEW LIFE

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