Customers Chairs

1960 Bridge Twin

They found this two “bridge” chairs on the curb for the trash a few years ago. Date of birth on the bottom : August the 17th 1960 !

From boring black they became bright and colorful.

Japanese Spirit

Family inheritance. Easy to believe the owners wanted a new look for this two chairs : from 6o’s old fashion fabric to Japanese fabric.

English Green

Two little Chauffeuses Boudoire arrived from England, needed help to be reusable again.

Louis XVI new dress

For Zeida’s dining room, the updated and dirty beige fabric on the chairs needed to be changed for one more deigned ! it’s done !

Casual desk chair

For Julie, her desk chair needs a new foam and a new fabric. White & Blue stripes for a new ambiance.

Desk chair

For Catherine and Jean my first client from Princeton


Louis Philippe Sofa

Lot of work on this Sofa Love-seat, redone with a semi traditional method, mix of springs, horse hair, cotton batting and foam.

Waiting for the fabric, before beginning a new life.